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    Finding a hotel in Parma with its own reserved parking that is free of charge is a huge benefit for those who are travelling alone or in company. The CDH Villa Ducale is one of the few hotels that can offer this advantage. In fact, this 4 Star hotel can offer its guests plenty of free parking.

    There are parking spaces that are reserved for guests of the hotel and are situated right in front of the entrance to the lobby. This makes it so much easier for guests to organise their holiday. This means that anyone staying with us will be able to use their own means of transport to reach us and will have the certainty of having an available space that is free of charge. And, it is very easy to get to us. The hotel is actually just 1.5 km from the motorway exist for “central Parma.”

    There are plenty of amenities at the Villa Ducale, a 4 Star hotel in Parma, all of which are available to guests. Starting with the hotel’s parking spaces which are reserved for guests and will make things so much easier for any elderly visitors or families travelling with children who are staying with us. This means that it will be easy to reach the hotel, without any difficulties, in your own car without having to walk any distance or having to grapple with public transport, particularly if you have a lot of luggage.

    At the same time, the proximity of the hotel’s parking means that your car will always be available immediately so that you can set off to explore the surrounding area, visit some of the nearby villages, the city of Parma itself and places of historical and cultural interest as well as the many nearby shops and places to have fun.