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    The CDH Villa Ducale is the perfect hotel for fun seekers because it is so close to Paintball Parma City. Just 600 metres separate the hotel from an authentic symbol of leisure for groups which is located on the outskirts of this city in Emilia Romagna.

    You can reach it by car but also on foot in around 6 minutes by walking along the Via del Popolo towards Viale Europa/SP343R, Via Luigi Anedda for 170 metres and then turn left.

    Paintball Parma City is the largest facility which is dedicated to the fun activity of paintballing in the Parma area. It is distinguished by different paintballing pitches on which you can play matches to achieve your goal by raising a flag eliminating your opponents.

    Of course, Paintball Parma City uses the classic jelly balls that are filled with paint. These are fired with a shotgun at speed and on impact, the balls explode as they hit their target (your opponent). It is possible to organise meetings and tournaments on the pitch which are enhanced by natural and unusual obstacles.

    There are courses and packages for children and for adults. Markers with loaders and paint cylinders along with protective gear which includes a harness, gloves, neck- covering and a mask can all be hired here. If you like having fun, the Hotel Villa Ducale in Parma which is so close to the Paintball Parma City is the perfect venue for you.  You can stay in a comfortable room or suite at a hotel with its own restaurant and bar just 2 km from the city centre.