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    Spend your holiday in a truly eco-friendly hotel such as the CDH Villa Ducale in Parma, somewhere you can relax and have plenty of fun whilst also respecting nature! The Villa Ducale actually uses numerous products from the Lucart Professional EcoNatural line throughout the hotel.

    This is a definitive way of testifying that the hotel has adopted a properly green and environmentally friendly philosophy through its choice of Fiberpack products. Fiberpack is a raw material that has been obtained from recycling the cellulose fibre which is found in 74% of all beverage cartons.

    By doing this, we can obtain products for daily use such as paper, toilet paper, tissues and rolls of absorbent paper which are used in the kitchen. All these products are characterised by a light Havana colour which derives from the unbleached cellulose fibres.  In actual fact, the natural colour of wood.

    At the Villa Ducale you will be able to experience a truly sustainable holiday just a stone’s throw from the centre of Parma. And we managed to achieve this by also using eco-friendly quality products which are certified with the “Ecolabel,” the European standard that guarantees compliance with the environmental protection standards that have been established on a European level.

    These are products that protect the environment because they give life to new materials that would otherwise go to landfill and thus contribute to the reduction in CO2 emissions which helps to limit deforestation. Fiberpack is an example of environmental and technological excellence which is based on a production process that separates the cellulose fibres from polyethylene and aluminium without using any substances that are harmful to humans, thus making them reusable.